water cooled lamp housing for infrared and vacuum applications

Liquid cooled lamp housing

The water-cooled and (optionally) gas purged housing is for spectroscopy in the infrared. Water cooling removes heat and allows the emitter to reach its full potential and optimal lifetime. The cool housing also provides good contrast and has no light leaks or air turbulence. It is for use with the 22-Watt Ceramic element (similar to a high irradiance Nernst element). This is a convenient economical source with sufficient radiant output and is a good match for spectrometer slits. The housing is compact for light collection faster than f/2 if necessary.
This lamp housing may be mounted directly to a spectrometer entrance slit and fits to our reflective condensers, chopper and filter wheel accessories. It is useful for better contrast in IR spectroscopy and for sources requiring to be operated in vacuum.

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Additional Information:

SourceCeramic Emitter (inquire for QTH)
Color Temperature1600-2000K
Source EmissionLine free continuum
Image Sizeapprox 3mm x 10mm high
Divergence of Beamf/2 and slower
Power SupplyModel 718 DC Supply
Intensity ControlWith power supply
Rated Lamp Life600 hours
Replacement Lamp412-350
Size2.5 Dia x 8" long
Weight2 lbs

Outline Drawing

McPherson water cooled lamp housing, Outline Drawing

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