June 2021 june 2021 newsletter

The summer solstice just happened! About half of 2021 has zoomed right by. Everything is ‘opening’ here, and it is great. It also seems like a mixed message after a year spent avoiding everything. Through all of this, here in the rainbow mine, we diligently build . . .

May 2021 may 2021 newsletter

May the 4th be with you has become a thing. Will revenge of the 5th become popular too? Let’s comb the desert for related treasure shall we? Since Cinco de Mayo got here first, I think the dark side might not win the 5th, but then again, people are launching . . .

March 2021 march 2021 newsletter

Happy springtime! Or autumn, if you’re on the other side. The change in seasons suggests hope to me, things are moving on, all will be okay. Of course, the ‘news’ is reporting that numbers are up and that numbers are down . . .

February 2021 february 2021 newsletter

The red planet is a busy place, great works by many people in these three missions to Mars. Congratulations Perseverance-Rover for a successful touch down! In case you missed it, Feb 20 was World Pangolin Day. The scaly mammals are no longer blamed . . .

January 2021 january 2021 newsletter

Its 2021, the 21st year of the twenty-first century. It feels good! This year Pantone selected two “colors of the year”, ultimate grey and illuminating yellow. They look good together. To borrow their words these colors convey "strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and ....

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December 2020 newsletter

Happy December! Winter is officially here along with ice and snow. Has it snowed where you are? The McPherson team wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and a safe and prosperous new year!

November 2020 newsletter

It is November! the weather is getting colder and the air is getting crisp, we at McPherson hope everyone is safe and healthy and wish a great start to the Holidays!

October 2020 newsletter

Happy October! Autumn is flexing. Leaves in this area are a bright colorful display. Halloween is right around the corner. Boo! It too will be different this year. Check local advice where you live and work. Stay safe!

September 2020 newsletter

Summer is winding down. The entire west coast appears to be on fire. A (crazy) election looms ahead. Back to school sure feels different! At least the autumnal equinox is reliably taking place on the 22nd. As temperatures begin cooling down, leaves make a colorful display. We hope you enjoy it all, stay safe.

August 2020 newsletter

In The U.S.A schools are resuming already even with Covid-19 still being very present, is your University returning normally? Regardless we here at McPherson wish all good health and good luck in their work.

July 2020 newsletter

During July temperature here on the East Coast USA is about 31 C. Normally with only seven days of rain, July is a hot dry time. This year is no exception, except it feels hotter, maybe because of the mask. Covid is still very much present and herd immunity slow to form [1,2]. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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