Wavelength Drive Stepper Systems, Controllers and Power Supplies

high resolution microstepping drive system

High Resolution Stepper Drive Data Sheet »

  • Most popular, Works with all McPherson Spectrometers
  • Drive of Choice for high precision wavelength control setting
  • Up to 50,000 steps per revolution
  • Computer control, RS232 (provided with USB adapter)
  • Maintains all manual monochromator control
  • Available with fit kits to upgrade older instruments
four axis high resolution stepping drive

4-axis Stepper Drive Data Sheet »

  • Controls up to four stepping motors
  • Drive of Choice for motorized slits and accessories
  • Up to 200 steps per revolution
  • Front panel indicators, controlled by RS232
  • Manual controls maintained for most accessories
spectrometer device controller

Device Controller

  • Controls port selection mirrors, grating turrets, filter wheels and more
  • Controls up to three seperate devices
  • Works with software, some automatic functions (switch at wavelength, etc)
  • Front panel indicators, controlled by RS232
  • Manual front panel control too
high voltage PS for photomultipliers and electron multiplier (CEM) detectors

Variable High Voltage PS Data Sheet »

  • Stable high voltage (HV) power supply
  • 0.002% regulation with front panel display
  • Available in 1, 2 and 5 and 10kV versions
  • Precision 10-turn potentiometer adjustment
  • Analog input for remote control
high voltage PS for microchannel plate (MCP) intensifier and phosphor screens

Dual Variable High Voltage PS for MCP Intensifiers Data Sheet »

  • Optimized for Micro Channel Plate devices
  • 2 Stable High Voltage Outputs
  • 1 Grazing Incidence Suppression Voltage Output
  • Precision 10-Turn Adjustments
  • Vacuum Monitoring & Status, Audible Alarm
convenient, safe, one-touch vacuum pump system controller

One touch vacuum pump interface

  • Interface turbo molecular pump, rough pump and gauges
  • Automatic venting valve included for safe operation
  • Features soft-start and normal turbo operation
  • At a glance status LEDs
  • Single point pump and related system device power control
  • Key operated to prevent accidental change of state
stable DC power supply for tungsten halogen lamps

Highly regulated DC power supply Data Sheet »

  • Operates 100W and 250W QTH lamps and our Ceramic IR Emitter
  • Less than 0.05% ripple
  • Precision 10-turn potentiometer adjustment
  • Front panel display
  • Analog input for remote control
high voltage DC arc lamp power supply

CW Arc lamp power supply Data Sheet »

  • Works with 100Watt to 300Watt Lamps
  • Fully Automatic Operation Including Restart
  • Front Panel Status Indicators
  • Shielded External Igniter
  • Safety Interlock System
deuterium lamp power supply

Deuterium lamp power supply Data Sheet »

  • Works with most Deuterium 30W Lamps
  • Fully Automatic Operation from Warm-Up to Steady-State operation
  • Soft and Reliable Ignition including Hot-lamp Restart
  • Heating Voltage 12V (Standard, 2, 2.5, 10V Optional)
  • Start Time 10 Seconds
high voltage PS for hollow cathode ionized gas discharge and Penning windowless lamps

Ballast equipped DC high voltage supply Data Sheet »

  • Automatic Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
  • Adjustable Ballast
  • Voltage and current continuously adjustable
  • Up to 2000V at 1000mA
  • Fully regulated and protected