Letter from the C.O.O. to our Customers

Dear Customer,

My 35-year affiliation with McPherson, and the company’s 65-year involvement in scientific instrument manufacture and design, has resulted in a product line serving the world with precision analytical tools. Scientists use these tools to investigate molecular and atomic spectra from the infrared into the soft x-ray and short ultraviolet wavelength regions. Many research laboratories around the world utilize our systems, and publish data obtained with the help of our instruments… instruments that range from miniature spectrometers to versions that weigh over 20 tons and span 30 meters. McPherson’s role in synchrotron instrumentation and fusion spectrometry is legendary. Spectrographs have been built to fly in space, or fit into pockets. They were created in Normal Incidence, Grazing Incidence, Criss-cross, Czerny-Turner, corrected Czerny-Turner, Seya-Namioka and patented McPherson and Schoeffel designs.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and many prestigious international institutions use our spectrometers and monochromators. Our vast experience in the vacuum range of the ultraviolet has helped us branch into the manufacture of components for the vacuum industry. You will find our manufactured vacuum systems, penetration welded components, and cold stages and mechanisms throughout the industries that employ vacuum and ultra-high vacuum technology.

Our customer list reads like “Who’s Who.” The broad use of our products has given us great strength and depth. The product lines encompass:

They are reflected on our web site and in our catalog. We assist customers and users. We also develop and manufacture scientific instruments and systems to solve specific analytical challenges. We are ready to assist and invite your inquiries. We will certainly try to be of help and service to you.

D. M. Schoeffel