100W tunsten halogen light source, McPherson Model 618

100 Watt air cooled Tungsten Halogen light source

The Model 618 Tungsten-Halogen Light Source produces an intense continuum from below 380nm and extending into the near infrared region of the spectrum. It uses a pair of plano-convex lenses to focus the filament at the entrance slit. This compact, forced air cooled source is capable of operating at apertures as fast as f/2 (when ordered with a monochromator, f/no matching apertures or lenses are included.)
The Model 618 light source system is provided with the stable DC power supply Model 718. The 718 delivers superb stability and < 0.1% ripple at full power operation. Complete systems include power supply, cables, housing and lamp, ready for operation.
The Model 618 mounts directly on the 5” diameter entrance slit of any McPherson spectrometer and may be adapted to other spectrometers. It is useful for VIS-NIR spectroscopy and for optical or experimental systems as fast as f/2 in a range of applications including Absorption, Transmission and Reflectance.

Model 618 PDF Data Sheet

Additional Information:

SourceTungsten-Halogen T4, GY6.35 base
Color Temperature3000K
Source EmissionLine free continuum
Image Sizeapprox 2.3mm x 4.2mm high
Divergence of Beamf/2 and slower
Power SupplyModel 718 DC supply
Intensity ControlWith power supply
Rated Lamp Life2000 hours
Replacement Lamp412-334-1
Size5" dia x 6" long
Weight5 lbs

Outline Drawing

McPherson Model 621 Universal Light Source, Outline Drawing

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