Model 251MX XUV and VUV Spectrometer
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Technical Specifications
Technical Data sheet describing flat field aberration corrected spectrograph

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Diffraction grating improves efficiency and range in the deep UV and vacuum ultraviolet

New Flat-field Diffraction Grating

New flat-field diffraction grating improves efficiency and range of the McPherson Model 251MX in the deep UV and vacuum ultraviolet. The new aberration corrected grating extends the efficient range for more sensitive spectral acquisition. With a digital camera and adjustable slits, the 251MX now works from less than 1 nanometer and up to more than 200 nanometers (5 to 1500 eV).

Efficient 5 to 1500 eV Spectrometer| McPherson's SXR spectrometer, Model 251MX, now offers improved efficiency over a wider wavelength range. The newly mastered Gold coated diffraction grating is ideal for work from 50 to 200 nanometers. It joins the Gold coated 300, 1200, and 2400 g/mm gratings used at energies above 25 eV. Users can exchange gratings for range or efficiency even while the instrument is under vacuum. Glancing angle optical geometry provides best reflective efficiency. The new grating is available for new and also existing instrumentation and may be retrofit in the field. With aberration correction and a ‘flat-field’ spectrum, this is an ideal optical system for use with direct detection CCD or MCP intensified detectors.

Optimized Range and Resolution| The new diffraction grating is useful for measurements of deep UV and vacuum UV radiation and emission spectra with sub-nanometer spectral resolution. The instruments adjustable slit enables users to choose between best light throughput and spectral resolution on the fly. The adjustable detector mount accommodates direct-detection digital cameras or microchannel plate intensifiers. It also allows users to reach longer or shorter wavelengths and collect different simultaneous wavelength regions for general purpose spectroscopy, plasma physics, and process monitoring all without compromising resolution or signal strength.

XUV Spectrometer Applications| Applications for the extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray spectrometer include plasma physics, astrophysics, spectral test and calibration. Attosecond pulse, high harmonic lasers (HHG), and EUVL semiconductor source and process development too. It is a high vacuum instrument working at 10E-6 Torr vacuum; ultra-high vacuum 10E-10 Torr versions are available.

Furnished with spectral calibration, the McPherson spectrometer is available with accessories like light sources for wavelength calibration, thin film filters, gated microchannel plate intensifiers and vacuum differential sections. We are available to help make sure the ultraviolet spectrometer is ready for implementation in your specific application.


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