Model 234302 Vacuum UV Monochromator and spectrograph
Instruments for Deep UV!

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Wide selection of diffraction gratings improves performance by improving efficiency and spectral resolution from the deep UV and vacuum ultraviolet to the visible and NIR

Easy to use Monochromator for Ultraviolet Light

McPherson State of the Art Monochromator for UV Spectroscopy

McPherson is excited to launch the improved compact Model 234/302 monochromator. A monochromator separates light into constituent wavelengths, usually with narrow spectral bandwidth. The Model 234/302 does that very well, hundreds are installed around the world. Now, it is pushing the boundaries and even better! Internal surfaces have an optimized low scatter finish, spectrograph accessories and an improved turret are available, and the range of masterpiece gratings has been expanded.

The Model 234/302 compact VUV spectrometer is available with a series of aberration-corrected diffraction gratings. “Users can have good efficiency and spectral resolution where they need it” says Erik Schoeffel, Sales Coordinator at McPherson. “This instrument works from the Extreme UV (30 nanometers) and all through the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region. There are even gratings mastered for non-vacuum and visible wavelengths.” These diffraction gratings allow users to tune performance anywhere from 30 to 1100 nanometers.

The McPherson 234/302 optics have wavelength optimized reflective coatings, platinum, aluminum, and aluminum enhanced with magnesium fluoride are available. Grating densities range from 2400 to 300 grooves per millimeter. Every instrument ships with masterpiece grating(s) for best instrument performance and lowest scatter. Customized gratings are available for special tasks. The newest Model 234/302 may also be equipped with a grating turret. This helps the user by broadening the accessible wavelength range without breaking vacuum or purge. This easy to use turret is a time saver and improves confidence in experimental results.

The Model 234/302 compact VUV spectrometer is easy to use. It has a digital grating drive for precise wavelength selection and positioning. Micrometer adjustable slits vary from 0.01~3 mm in width, 2~20 mm in height. Software is available along with LabVIEW drivers. This instruments normal incidence design optionally has multiple input or output ports. It is just as easy to use as a spectrograph with a microchannel plate intensifier or CCD detector or as a scanning monochromator. One instrument can do both functions while remaining under vacuum!

There are many options for customization. We can provide ultra-high vacuum (UHV) non-magnetic versions, or customized adapters for customer’s vacuum pumps, detectors or light sources. Double monochromators for exceptionally low stray light and high spectral purity are available too. Special or standard, every instrument ships with certified spectral calibration. Call or email today to learn more. We want to help and make sure the easy to use spectrometer is ready for your light measurement application.


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