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Integrated Systems for Spectroscopy (view as grid)

Systems organized by wavelength range. These scientific instruments & systems work in diverse applications including Biology / Life Science, Nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Photovoltaics / Solar Cells, Physical Chemistry, Environmental, Food Science, LEDs and Displays, Plasma Physics and Astrophysics. If you do not see the type of instrument that works best for your spectroscopy experiment, please inquire.

Model Range (nm) Type Features
VUV-TLS 30 - 1,000 Deep UV tunable light source, line and/or continuum sources High efficiency design, VUV to Visible, with beam delivery
VUVAS 1000 120 - 350 Deep Ultraviolet Transmittance / Reflectance Spectrophotometer Single beam optimized VUV (and Vis) optical characterization
VUVAS 2000 120 - 350 Vacuum UV Transmittance / Reflectance Spectrophotometer Corrected optimized deep UV (and Vis) optical characterization
VUVAS+PLUS 120 - 2,600 Deep UV Transmittance / Reflectance PLUS Emission Optical characterization plus luminescence emission to 2,500 nm
Universal VUV 120 - 2,600 UV Excitation / VIs-IR Emission / Persistance Transmission, Reflection, Deep UV Excitation and Vis-NIR emission
Phosphor Test 120 - 2,600 UV Excitation / UV-VIs-IR Emission / Persistance Deep UV Excitation and Vis-NIR emission of phosphor and related samples
Raman Triple 190 - 1,100 Raman, PL and Thomson scattering triple spectrometer Masterpiece optics, UV capable, f/5 optics for high throughput
Rem Sense 200 - 1,000 Imaging spectrometer with remote sensing optics Fiber coupled spectral monitoring of plasma, process and more
Spec WS 200 - 2,500 Spectroscopy workstation Modular f/2 UV-Vis-NIR tranmission, reflection, absorbance and more
UV-IR STS 200 - 14,000 Transmittance / variable angle Reflectance, characterization Tunable wavelengths, continuum sources, multipurpose sample chamber
UV-IR STS 200 - 14,000 Spectral calibration, characterization and test station Wide range, continuum sources, filtering and beam delivery
Raman WS 325 - 1,100 Raman spectroscopy workstation Modular system for research

The above are examples of systems we've built many times. We welcome inquiries for versions we haven't