Universal chimney-style lamp housing, McPherson Model 621

Universal Chimney-style Lamp Housing

The Model 621 modular light source operates with a variety of light sources: tungsten, Xenon and IR emitters. It is a complete system with forced air cooling, lamp mount module, housing, condenser, power supply and cables. The Model 621 mounts directly on the 5-inch diameter entrance slit of any McPherson spectrometer and may be adapted to other spectrometers or for standalone operation.
Easy access to the housing interior and simplifies lamp and socket exchange. Adjusters for focus and alignment are externally accessible. Safety interlocks prevent shock hazard while power is applied. Forced air cooling, compartment reflectors and airflow baffling insures even heat removal from the system. This optimizes the sources stability and longevity.

Model 621 PDF Data Sheet

Additional Information:

SourceDeuterium Tungsten-HalogenTungsten-HalogenXenon ArcCeramic Emitter
Color Temperature3000K3400K~6000K1600-2000K
Source EmissionContinuumLine free continuumLine free continuumContinuumLine free continuum
Image Size1mm dia 2.3 x 4.2mm high3.5mm x 7mm high0.5mm x 2.2mm high3mm x 10mm high
Divergence of Beam f/2 and slowerf/2 and slowerf/2 and slowerf/2 and slowerf/2 and slower
Power SupplyModel 732-1Model 718 DC supplyModel 718 DC supplyModel 713 DC supplyModel 718 DC supply
Intensity ControlNoneWith power supplyWith power supplyNoneWith power supply
Rated Lamp Life1000 hours2000 hours50 hours1200 hours600 hours
Replacement Lamp412-317412-334-1412-335412-313412-350
Housing Size5" square x 9.88" tall
Weight5 lbs

Outline Drawing

McPherson Model 621 Universal Light Source, Outline Drawing

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