McPherson is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 60 years’ of experience. We specialize in high performance spectrometers and purpose built spectroscopy systems. We also provide state of the art components and services for the soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region. We offer optimized spectrometers for wavelengths short as 1 nanometer and up to 20 microns (and )energies from 0.05 eV up to 2 keV.)

High-resolution Monochromators

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UV-Vis to long-wave IR

fastest aperture in a long focal length monochromator, ideal for photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy applications

Soft X-ray Light-source

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70 to 2000 eV and more

Soft X-ray Light Source, 30 Watts, exchange solid anodes for different emission energy

Vacuum Monochromators

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30 nm to the Visible

vacuum ultraviolet monochromator, aberration-corrected diffraction gratings, plasma physics, UV tunable source, direct-detection CCD, MCP