McPherson is a manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 60 years’ of experience. We specialize in high performance spectrometers and purpose built spectroscopy systems. We also know the soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region and provide related state of the art components and services. Our optimized spectrometers are for wavelengths from 1 nanometer to 20 microns and energies from 0.05 eV up to 2 keV.

Soft X-ray Spectrograph

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10 to 1500 eV and more

aberration corrected flat field spectrometer uses spherical substrate gratings with aspheric wave-front recording for an aberration corrected, high resolution spectrometer

Conical Dispersion for HHG

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Pump-probe, PES and ARPES too!

picture of off-plane conical dispersion monochromator

High Resolution Monochromators

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UV-Vis to long-wave IR

fastest aperture in a long focal length monochromator, ideal for photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy applications